Career Development

Colgate’s Four-Year Career Development Plan is as distinctive as the University itself.

The plan prepares students for success after graduation by drawing on rigorous academic programs, top-tier resources, and a committed alumni network.

of students engaged with Career 服务 in the last academic year

Liberal 艺术 Preparation

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Summer Experiences

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With so many routes to explore, it is important to create a plan. That’s what Career 服务 did and continues to do for me.

Jonathan Eaton ’24

A Plan for You

The Four-Year Career Development Plan is curated to progress with students as they explore and experiment. By design, it will help students reach important milestones.

Career 服务 is a partner each step of the way. As students clarify their goals, Career 服务 advisers — dedicated practitioners and industry specialists — guide and support them.

Your Four-Year Journey

The plan centers around eight career development areas.

  • First-years begin by cataloging their strengths, 利益, 值, and identities with career advisers, and exploring broad career areas through alumni-led panels and informational interviews. 学生s practice basic career 技能, like writing a résumé.
  • 二年级的学生 grow their awareness of industries and roles, working directly with a career adviser and participating in alumni programming, such as Sopho更多的 连接. Developing networking 技能 and learning how to apply to internships helps students land a professional experience for the summer.
  • 初中 hone their 利益 and focus on pursuing research or a summer internship, often supported by alumni. Advisers coach students on strengthening interviewing and networking 技能. 学生s take advantage of opportunities provided through Colgate to build industry-based 技能 and knowledge.
  • 老年人 focus on applying for employment, graduate or professional school, and fellowships. Leveraging the knowledge and 技能 they built throughout their time at Colgate, they are poised to evaluate offers for a fit with their academic and career 利益 and personal needs — and ultimately, to launch their postgraduate career with 信心.

This is What Success Looks Like

Career development at Colgate means building relationships, not just a résumé. 学生s that engage with Career 服务 are greeted with an abundance of knowledge and opportunity, including more than 200 formal recruiting partners — Amazon, 德勤, 恩斯特 & 年轻的, Goldman Sachs, 谷歌, Mass General Hospital, National Geographic, NBCUniversal, and Teach For America.

Through the four-year career development plan, students leave Colgate with the knowledge, 信心, 技能, and experience needed to cultivate rewarding professional lives.